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    Benefits of Engine Carbon Cleaning

    Genesis Valeting is Sussex’s premier car valeting service. We deliver supreme services with a specialty in autoglym lifeshine, carbon clean, removal of spillages, hood protection, body works to repair, alloy wheel refurbishment, paintless dent removal, headlight restoration and body work repairs.

    As the only valet centre in Sussex that uses snow foam to pre-wash vehicles, every car is safer and cleaner with us. Whatever services you require, whether it’s a simple clean or a comprehensive valet, our staff are here for you.

    We only use top-quality equipment to ensure that you receive the highest standard of valeting services. Our reputation is one of attention to detail. We don’t miss a single spot. We treat you as the exclusive customer that you are.

    Your car is your pride and joy and South East Valeting treats it as such. To that end, we are fully insured to the tune of £5,000,000.

    If you live in Hayward Heath and you’re thinking of decarbonizing your vehicle, please call us today on 08001182903 and we’ll fit you right in.

    What is engine carbon clean?

    Carbon and other deposits in your car, motorcycle or machinery engine affect performance. Engine carbon cleaning is a popular technique used in cleaning the interior of a car engine. When you drive your vehicle, combustion engine builds up deposits such as tars, carbon, gums and more. They are natural by-products but the accumulation affects the power, emission and efficiency of the car engine. In some cases, it may lead to engine failure and you might have to look for a replacement car engine.

    You have two options for your engine carbon clean; carbon clean to repair your engine or a carbon clean for maintenance. If you’ve used your vehicle for up to a year or two, you’ll notice that the sound of the engine is different as performance degradation starts to manifest. Fuel consumption increases, starting the car is a fraction slower, acceleration is not as fast as it used to be, the noise increases, and the oil quickly turns black after a week or two. If your vehicle has covered over 20,000 miles and you’ve never taken it in for any sort of maintenance, you might already start to have serious problems with your car. You need an engine carbon clean. The Oxyhydrogen carbon cleaning machine will remove all carbon deposit from your car. We advise you do it regularly to avoid carbon buildup and keep your vehicle in good shape.

    How does a traditional engine clean work?

    There are several ways to clean a car engine. The first method is to use a pressure washer and engine degreaser. It is a common method for people who prefer to clean their car engines themselves. It is a cumbersome and complicated process that could go wrong if you don’t follow exact instructions.

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    You have to tackle loose dirt in your engine bay and blow off debris with an aircompressor. Apply de-greaser to the main metal work and engine block. Leave it to settle and fully penetrate the dirt. Rinse the engine bay with water. Clean up aluminium parts and scrub down plastic panels. Then repeat the entire process if you notice that debris still remains in the engine. Allow the car to dry overnight.

    Dirt residue could cause damage and stain your car paint if you’re not careful. Water could damage parts of your engine if it spills. Forcing water into nooks that are hard to dry out could also affect your engine. The second method is glass bead and soda blasting. Here, you use either glass beads or baking soda to remove accumulated carbon deposits from the aluminium parts of the car engine. You have to be careful to only clean one part at a time. Any mistake could abrade your engine surface, leave a residue and cause engine failure.

    The third method is the hot tank engine clean that requires soaking engine parts in caustic chemicals or hot water. It takes hours to complete and sometimes doesn’t remove heavy buildup completely. These traditional methods require mechanically cleaning out carbon deposits. You have to remove the cylinder head, scrape off carbon deposits from pistons, combustion chambers and other parts of the engine.

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    We have a high satisfaction rate with our clients, read what they have to say about us below

    When the car was returned it looked brand new, immaculate interior and a vastly improved exterior. I’d highly recommend Genesis Valeting to anyone.

    Such an amazing job given the timescales. My partner always leaves the car in such a mess and the turnaround was great. Will definitely be using Genesis Valeting again.

    An excellent service, collected my car on time, and when it came back, well what an amazing job, I have used other local companies in the past, but this valet far surpassed anything that they have done.

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    How does our engine carbon clean work?

    Our engine carbon clean is the ultimate car detox. It works by using tap water to create oxygen and hydrogen. Both are passed through the air intake and out through the exhaust as gas. The procedure is performed whilst the engine is at full operating temperature.

    Before starting the process, the agent conducts a thorough pre-check. They check the engine fluids to ensure it’s at the correct level and perform a visual check for damaged pipes and visible leaks. Sometimes you see injectors that leak or have a bad spray pattern. Hence, it’s important for the agent to test fuel injectors.

    Next, they carry out a diagnostic check for any potential issues that could prevent the carbon cleaning system from working properly. If there are any issues, it will come up on the computer screen and the agent will advise you on whether to fix these issues before the carbon clean or not. If you get the all-clear for your vehicle, the process begins. Hydrogen is naturally drawn in whilst the engine is running. The computer is plugged into the diagnostic port as the carbon clean is taking place to keep an eye out for any issues. Every couple of minutes, the agent gently pushes and accelerates the car to higher RPM until it’s a few thousand revs at a time. The idea is to draw the hydrogen at a higher rate to burn more carbon buildup.

    The steam you see is created by combustion. There is no risk of water condensation in the engine because water vapour is above condensation temperature. Contrary to public opinion, a proper hydrogen-carbon clean doesn’t involve any paint thinner. The goal is to avoid any carbon building apart from gas injected by the engine. When properly executed, carbon cleaning reduces emission levels by at least 25%. After 20 minutes, you’ll notice that the car engine is quieter and any previous rattles have completely disappeared. The power and torque are delivered more fluidly for a more polished physical acceleration.

    How much does engine carbon clean cost?

    The average price of an engine carbon clean differs and changes over the months. It takes a few seconds to receive a local quote from our engine carbon clean experts. Prices usually fluctuate between £99.72-£108. Give us a call on 08001182903 and we’ll be happy to help.

    What should you consider before decarbonizing your car engine?

    If you have a common-rail diesel engine, it doesn’t improve the health of your engines like a 4X4 or the average family car. It’s important to decarbonize your car but not all the time. Overdoing it could reduce the lifespan of your vehicle.

    That is why we advise clients to find a reputable engine carbon service and stick to it. We will create a schedule that ensures the safety of your car. Troubleshoot your vehicle before an engine decarbonising. There could be other reasons why the car is running slowly. The mechanic you’re working with should know his stuff or he could damage your engine.

    If your vehicle has run over 100,000km, engine decarbonising could increase oil and fuel consumption. Engine carbon clean is not a magic fix to severe car issues. Our mechanics always begin with a diagnostic to check for other issues that could be affecting performance.

    What should you consider before decarbonizing your car engine?

    There has been a lot of debate on whether or not you need to decarbonize your car engine. One school of thought says that there is no need for engine carbon cleaning because modern engines run hot and are complemented by cleaner fuels.

    1647616937 348 Benefits of Engine Carbon Cleaning South East Vehicle Valet

    However, carbon deposit still accumulates in those engines and could affect fuel mileage and performance over time. Decarbonising your car engine every 20,000-30,000km or so prevents carbon buildup in the engine whilst increasing its lifespan and keeping it clean.

    Some experts say that the best time to decarbonize your car engine is after it has run 50,000km. You’re performing a preventive procedure to remove existing carbon buildup and prevent further buildup. If you notice that your car engine has built up carbon deposits in the cylinder due to substandard fuel, improper burning or accumulation with age, it’s time for a carbon clean. The deposits settle around the cylinder head, exhaust valves, the piston, on the exhaust manifold or in the exhaust itself.

    Is engine carbon clean safe?

    Engine carbon clean is a safe and eco-friendly solution for your car engine. HHO gas is naturally inserted into the combustion chamber to blast carbon buildup and it comes out as water vapour from the exhaust system. When choosing a valeting service to work with, it is important that you choose one that prioritises high-quality machinery that is safe on your car engine. A few ways HHO gas technology is the safest treatment option for your car include

    • The water coming out from the exhaust doesn’t discharge any polluted gas.
    • Zero use of the chemical. Water is the fuel used to generate Oxyhydrogen. It is non-toxic and doesn’t damage engine parts
    • Brown gas (HHO) cleaning is safe because it only uses oxyhydrogen gas combustion in the engine and water vapour after combustion
    • No risk of chemicals spilling into hard-to-reach areas of your car engine.

    Why is a clean engine better for your car?

    A well-maintained car will last longer whilst running at peak levels with minimal issues. In addition to washing the car exterior, rotating your tyres and changing your oil regularly, you should also clean your car engine.

    It’s important that you take your vehicle to a professional valeting service in Sussex, with qualified and experienced mechanics who know their stuff. A clean car engine makes it easier to sell your vehicle at a good price when you decide to upgrade. Your car also enjoys a longer working life without worries about a mechanical breakdown. Imagine trying to sell your vehicle and a prospective buyer asks you to open the hood of your car. The cleanliness of the engine makes your car more appealing to the buyer.

    A vehicle with a clean engine works longer. Accumulated residue in the engine makes it very difficult for the car to function properly. It has to work harder and use up more resources to perform the same functions. The extra demand wears out the efficiency over time. The diagnostic service performed as a pre-check is also useful. It uncovers hidden problems that could have gone unnoticed.

    Did you know that residue in your car engine could lead to a fire? Safety is one of the major considerations when parents buy a family car. The fluid stains and residue that build up in the undercarriage and engine could start a fire. A carbon clean scrubs out all the harmful material to keep your family safe. We don’t advise customers to clean their car engine on their own. Water and moisture in the wrong place could damage electrical connections and cause serious problems. Your car engine requires the delicate touch of a professional to tackle this project without ruining your car.

    What are the benefits of engine carbon clean?

    Preventive engine carbon clean is cost effective. Instead of replacing engine parts, a carbon clean restores it to its former glory. An EGR Valve could cost up to £500, a new turbocharger up to £3,000, a DPF up to £2,000 and a catalytic converter up to £2,000.

    A thorough engine carbon clean takes care of the problem for less than the price you would spend on engine parts. These problems mostly originate from poor combustion that stifles the car engine. It’s been proven that a professional carbon clean improves fuel economy for diesel and petrol vehicles. It also reduces exhaust emissions whilst increasing horsepower. The feeling you get from the revved-up sound of the engine is similar to the sound the engine made when it was a brand new car. You save money due to cleaner injectors, improved fuel economy and restored engine power that reduces oil burning. The benefits of engine carbon clean include

    • Lower emissions for MOT test
    • Prevents wear on engine parts, such as valves, DPF, injectors and EGR valve.
    • Removes up to 75% of carbon deposits
    • Reduced engine noise and flat spots
    • Up to 10% fuel saving
    • Restored performance
    • Enhanced driving experience
    • Restored power
    • More responsiveness

    • Fewer vibrations
    • Prevents engine damage
    • No dismantling of your car engine
    • 100% green energy
    • Quick and measurable results
    • No use of additives or chemicals in the cleaning process
    • Revitalised inlet system
    • Less maintenance required

    How is Terraclean different from carbon cleaning?

    The major difference between terraclean and carbon clean is that terraclean uses a liquid cleaner injected through the fuel system while carbon clean uses oxyhydrogen that goes through the air intake to clean the engine. Terraclean is is a more invasive process. All petrol engines build up carbon deposits in combustion chambers, catalytic converters, exhaust ports and the lambda sensors over time. These contaminants have a negative effect on your engine.

    Terraclean has two stages of cleaning. The first stage cleans the inlet valves and injection system to restore functionality to the fuel pressure regulator and injectors. The second stage uses aliphatic only fuel, passed through the machine. It turns it from liquid to vapour that attracts carbon buildup in the exhaust, combustion chambers and lambda sensors.

    Engine carbon clean near me

    Genesis Valeting offers a premier engine carbon cleaning service that keeps your engine clean. With our cleaning solution, you will extend the lifespan of your vehicle and save money on expensive parts. Our carbon cleaning reduces fuel consumption by 10% and restores your car to the performance you enjoyed when you bought it. The entire process only takes 30 minutes as against laborious hours spent taking the engine apart for a traditional clean. Our car valeting and engine carbon cleaning services are available to residents of Chichester, Brighton, Hove, Hastings, Newhaven, Worthing and the rest of Sussex.

    Give us a call today on 08001182903 or 01903651001 and we’ll be happy to set an appointment time that fits your schedule

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    Genesis Car Valeting is pleased to offer mobile car valeting services in Dublin. There is nothing better than getting behind the wheel of a good, clean, and comfy vehicle. You, like any other car owner, want your vehicle to be in pristine condition. And, like any other significant investment, your car necessitates regular maintenance. Have you ever considered the last time you saw your car in its initial state? You may believe that nothing like this can ever happen again, but you are mistaken. The secret to a well-maintained automobile is... detailed car valeting. We, at mobile car valeting Dublin, offer this service. We can make your precious automobile appear brand new again from the comforts of your own home or wherever you need us to.

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