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    What is Engine Carbon Cleaning

    Engine carbon cleaning is a popular way of getting the inside of a vehicle’s engine clean. The longer the vehicle is used the more internal deposits, such as gums, tars and carbon build up inside the combustion engine. These are all byproducts of the process of combustion.

    When they are left to accumulate, they can have a negative impact on the engine’s performance and lifespan.
    To remove these deposits, you can have your engine carbon cleaned and keep your vehicle in good condition.

    There are different carbon cleaning methods. At Southeast Valeting, you can trust us to clean your engine as our carbon cleaning services are second to none.

    How Does Engine Carbon Cleaning Work?

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    To carbon clean your engine, we create oxygen and hydrogen using tap water. We then pass them through your engine’s air intake and let them out as a gas through the exhaust system. This ensures that any excess carbon that may cause your vehicle to run poorly is removed. It’s a safe and simple process that does not require us to use harsh chemical products or dismantle the parts of your engine.

    We pay attention to detail and take our time to ensure that we do a thorough job. We offer our engine carbon cleaning service to motorists who are looking to have their engines cleaned on their regular maintenance schedule.

    The technology used at Southeast Valeting is built on the foundation of innovative engineering expertise designed to ensure that that we meet the global green energy standards. We use hydrogen, which is an environmentally friendly and renewable solution, to reduce both plant and vehicle emissions. Evidence shows that using hydrogen significantly reduces emissions. In fact, it has been tested with market leading, independent equipment used in many service centres.

    The procedure: Pre-checks

    The carbon cleaning procedure is a simple one. First, we will carry out several pre-checks by scrutinising the state of your engine. We start by checking all your engine fluids to ensure that all is right.We’ll also perform a visual check to ensure that there are no damaged pipes or major leaks that can cause problems later.

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    Once that is done, we will perform a diagnostic check to find out if there are any potential problems with the vehicle that may mitigate the carbon cleaning procedure. If there are no issues, the carbon cleaning procedure begins. However, if there are any problems, we may advise you to address them first before the procedure is carried out.

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    We have a high satisfaction rate with our clients, read what they have to say about us below

    When the car was returned it looked brand new, immaculate interior and a vastly improved exterior. I’d highly recommend Genesis Valeting to anyone.

    Such an amazing job given the timescales. My partner always leaves the car in such a mess and the turnaround was great. Will definitely be using Genesis Valeting again.

    An excellent service, collected my car on time, and when it came back, well what an amazing job, I have used other local companies in the past, but this valet far surpassed anything that they have done.

    Starting the carbon cleaning process

    To begin the process, we start by loosening the air intake pipe. We will then insert a pipe which will be used to pass the hydrogen into the system. Even before we do this, we’ll warm up the engine as the process works more efficiently if this is done.

    As the engine is running, the hydrogen is drawn in naturally. We don’t force it into the system. The Shogun’s revs will go up by a few hundred RPM once the system begins to suck in the hydrogen. There’s no problem with this as it’s only an indication that it’s working. As the carbon cleaning process happens, we’ll keep our diagnostics device attached to your vehicle to keep an eye on that as time goes on.

    To let the hydrogen get drawn through at a higher rate, you may notice our technician smoothly and gently push on and then release the accelerator to about 1000 RPM the first time. Subsequently, he’ll continue to do this, going up a few thousand revs with each push of the accelerator. This allows the gas to burn off the carbon buildup in the engine.

    We don’t want to impose on you what we think about the effectiveness of carbon cleaning. Instead of telling you how smoother the acceleration is or how better the engine sounds, we’ll let you make up your own mind about its performance when you take the vehicle for a test drive after the carbon cleaning process has been completed.

    After some time, you should begin to notice your engine sounds smoother and quieter. Any scepticism that you may have felt about the process before this point would be completely gone.

    Will I Notice the Difference When I Drive?

    The entire process should be done in about 40 minutes, after which you can take your vehicle for a ride. Expect to notice a clear difference from the moment you rev the engine. If you used to feel a slight vibrating or juddering as the vehicle idled, you can expect this issue to be gone. The same applies to vehicles that would have a flat spot at lower RPM as the owner revs the engine. Once we have completed the carbon cleaning process, your engine should rev nicely.

    Once you begin to accelerate, you’ll feel the difference as the physical acceleration should be more polished because the torque and power will be delivered fluidly and strongly across the rev range. Also, the vehicle should find it easier to switch up motorway speeds faster than before. As for the engine noise, you can expect the engine to be much quieter. In both motorway and city driving, you can expect the average MPG to go up.

    In addition, you’re likely to notice improved fuel economy, possibly as much as 15 to 20% improvement, depending on the vehicle. At Southeast Valeting, we like our service to speak for itself. Try our carbon cleaning service on any vehicle today and feel the difference.

    What Kind of Vehicles Can Be Carbon-Cleaned?

    Any kind of vehicle can benefit from carbon cleaning. That includes any static or mobile, LPG, petrol or diesel engine vehicle. It also doesn’t matter what the engine capacity is as we can carbon-clean engines ranging from 1 to a 100 litres. We also service marine vessels, buses, HGVs, commercial vans, motorbikes and road cars, as well as power generators, plant machinery and farm machinery.

    Does Carbon Cleaning Really Work?

    Anyone would be wary of anything getting directly into the engine of their vehicle, but there’s really nothing to worry about when you choose Southeast Valeting.

    Carbon cleaning does work when it’s done by professionals who use advanced technology to ensure the safety of your engine. Once we complete the carbon cleaning process, you will notice a difference yourself when you start your vehicle and take it for a drive.

    What are the benefits of Carbon Cleaning?

    • After the completion of the process, you can expect to notice some benefits, which include:
    • Reduced pollution from exhaust
    • Reduced harmful emissions
    • Restored fuel economy
    • Restored engine power
    • Restored throttle response
    • Less noise produced by the engine

    • Smoother idle
    • Better start when the engine is cold
    • Better lifespan of key engine components
    • Less need for costly repairs
    • Enhanced driving experience
    • Better torque delivery
    • Fewer vibrations

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    How Much Does Carbon Cleaning Cost?

    The cost of carbon cleaning will differ based on a number of factors, including the size of the engine and the type of vehicle or machinery you intend to carbon clean. On average, you may have to pay £100 per engine.

    However, if you are servicing more than one engine, we can offer you a great deal to lower costs. Considering that our service includes a diagnostic test, you would actually be getting superb value for your money.

    How Long Will the Effects of Carbon Cleaning Last?

    Months after doing a carbon clean, you can expect your engine to feel revitalised. Carbon cleaning isn’t something you have to do too often because the effects last a long time.

    Is Carbon Cleaning Good or Bad for Car Maintenance?

    You may have heard conflicting arguments about whether carbon cleaning is good or bad for vehicle maintenance. This debate isn’t a new one in the auto industry, but before we answer the question, it’s important to understand that there are two types of engine carbon cleaning: carbon cleaning for maintenance and carbon cleaning for repair.

    Once your vehicle has travelled about 20,000 miles, you can expect the engine’s performance to have reduced. This may cause noise increase, excessive emissions from the exhaust, less smoothness when starting the vehicle, shortness of power, increased fuel consumption and general degradation in performance. That is why it is advised to ensure that you maintain your car properly before it hits 20,000 miles, and regularly thereafter. If you haven’t been maintaining it as needed, it may then become imperative to perform carbon cleaning for repair. Some believe doing carbon cleaning at this point can be harmful to your engine, but this depends on the methods used.

    At Southeast Valeting, we are aware of the issues and do use cutting edge techniques to ensure your engine remains safe. We don’t use any chemicals that may cause harm to your engine, nor do we dismantle your engine components to get it cleaned. We do advise that you work with a trusted service like ours as we other services may use methods that exposure your car to risk of damage.

    Before your vehicle begins to have any serious problems, we advise that you come in for an engine carbon cleaning session as part of your maintenance schedule. If you pay attention to the details and maintain your vehicle regularly, carbon cleaning for maintenance can work wonders for your engine. The idea is to prevent any possible issues that may result from carbon buildup. If you intend to keep your vehicle for a long time to come, regular carbon cleaning is advised.

    Which Machines Are Used for Carbon Cleaning?

    There’s a relatively new machine used to carry out the carbon cleaning process. The machine employs the latest technology in the field to ensure that the carbon cleaning process is not only thorough, but also completely safe for your engine. The oxygen-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine uses tap water to produce hydrogen and oxygen, which are then used to get all the carbon deposit in your engine removed.

    There is yet another machine called HHO Carbon Clean Machine, which is even newer than the oxygen-hydrogen machine. It uses a cleaning agent and comes with an improved safety guarantee system and machine materials. It’s better at reducing emissions and comes with even better protection for engines.

    At what mileage should the carbon clean be performed?

    Every vehicle differs in terms of how much build up the engine will have after some mileage. Generally, we advise that you get a carbon clean done before the first 20,000 miles, especially if the vehicle is not maintained regularly. If you are not certain how soon you should do a carbon clean, you can give us a call.

    Will I save on fuel?

    Yes, fuel efficiency is one of the many benefits of carbon cleaning. Depending on the model of your car, you may notice as much as a 3 litre per 60 mile fuel efficiency improvement after the carbon cleaning process has been completed. Fuel efficiency gets better because the torque gets improved, consequently leading to less throttle usage.

    How will my performance change?

    There’s a good chance your torque will be significantly increased from idle. If your car is naturally aspirated, you may notice a significant power loss as a result of the ports suffering restrictions, a problem that can be taken care of with carbon cleaning. Likewise, you can expect better performance in vehicles with detonation issues.

    Will I need to retune my car?

    It won’t be necessary to retune your car. The only reason you may have to do this may be if your car has a problem running modified ecu maps.

    Can a Carbon Clean Damage My Vehicle?

    No. With the carbon cleaning services we offer at Southeast Valeting, we don’t engage in any processes that may potentially cause damage to your machine or vehicle. The technology we use is completely safe for all engines and effective for getting all the carbon deposit cleared.

    What Can I Do to Reduce Carbon Build Up?

    While a carbon clean is not done too often, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that you don’t have as much carbon buildup. The first thing is to ensure that you use great quality branded fuels as cheaper ones have more biofuel and additives, which can raise the amount of resins, gums, tars and carbon deposited.

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    When Will My Vehicle or Machine Need Its First Carbon Clean?

    We recommend getting a carbon clean before your vehicle hits 20,000 miles, especially if you don’t maintain it as regularly as you should. The best time to get your first carbon clean will depend on how the vehicle is used.

    If most of your mileage is from motorway use, then you can wait for a slightly higher mileage before doing your first carbon clean. On the other hand, if most of your mileage is from town use, it’s better to do it at a lower mileage. If you’re still not certain when your vehicle will need its first carbon clean, please get in touch with us.

    Will the Carbon Clean affect my warranty?

    Our carbon cleaning process shouldn’t affect your warranty because our process is done such that agents wouldn’t be able to detect it. We are extra careful when having the stock components re-installed, ensuring that we stick to the torque settings recommended by the manufacturer. Also, we use OEM gaskets and seals on every vehicle we work on.

    How long does the process take?

    Depending on the vehicle or machine to be cleaned, the process can take anywhere from 40 minutes to a few hours. We may recommend that you leave your vehicle with us the evening before or it may be fine for you to wait and get it back. Please call us to schedule an appointment and to find out how long it may take to have your engine carbon cleaned.

    Is my car affected by carbon buildup?

    If yours is a direct injection vehicle, then yes, it can have issues with carbon buildup. If you’re not sure if your vehicle is direct injection, please get in touch with us.

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